Posted by: check868 | October 30, 2008


I was just making pasta for dinner and I dumped the remainder of a box of rigatoni into the pot.  I noticed that there were a couple of flecks of burnt noodle, so I started fishing them out with a spoon.  I looked at the spoon.  That wasn’t a burnt fleck.  That was a little brown bug.  All of the little flecks were insects!  Ugh.  I threw out all the noodles, cleaned the pot, and started again.  I’m going to tell myself that this is just because it’s De Cecco pasta and never get the brand again (I usually get Barilla).  Shudder.

And I’m not going to think about how Tom and I ate the rest of the box, Tom cooked it, and he has bad eyesight.  Not thinking about it…


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