Posted by: check868 | October 16, 2008


“Subspace” is a state that subs will sometimes get into during play.  Apparently, it feels really good and it’s like an out-of-body experience.  Tom has never gotten into subspace before.

I had all afternoon to play with him, so I put in a butt plug and wrapped him up in these giant, thick plastic sheets I got at the fabric store (on sale, $1/yard!).  I had him kneel on his hands and knees and duct-taped the plastic tightly around his body.  I cut a hole in the plastic for him to breathe through and then cut off the bottom of a plastic cup and shoved it through the hole.  It made him look like some futuristic mutant, with shiny plastic skin and a tube for a mouth. Then I sat down in my big comfy chair, put my feet up on him, and read my book.

After about an hour, I stoked the plastic on his back and asked him if he was doing ok.  I got some happy noises, so I grabbed my remote control and turned on the vibrator in my brand-new vibrating butt plug.  You should have seen my ottoman jump!  I bought the plug especially for this, and hadn’t told Tom what it did.  I sat there and read for a bit longer, but Tom was twitchier with the vibrator going and I wanted to be part of the fun.

I unwrapped the plastic and wrapped him back up in saran wrap. I made a hole in the wrap at the crotch and pulled everything up.  I made an impromptu cock ring my favorite way: by twining really thin rope around the base of his balls a couple hundred times.  Then I grabbed an ice cube and started running it along Tom’s balls and letting it drip on his cock.  I love the noises he makes.

Afterwards, he told me that he had gone into subspace, for the first time, when I was playing with his balls. He started to trance out again as I unwrapped him.

Woohoo!  I’ve never done that to anyone before.  It was awesome.



  1. Nice! I’m pretty sure I’ve only experienced subspace once or twice before, but I remember it being an amazing experience. It’s great that you could do it so easily.

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