Posted by: check868 | October 15, 2008

The Axe Effect

I’m reading through Axe’s archive. He is a great writer. I highly recommend his blog. He has a post from a while ago on playing with a woman at a private play party that I feel a little silly commenting on, since it’s old, but I’ll do so here.  Is that bad blog etiquette?

…While she was tying my ankles together I hoped she couldn’t tell how turned on I was. That hope was lost when she put her foot on my crotch and pushed me further away from the wall…

It’s possible she saw how serious I looked, I was trying to stay cool and not get too swept away…

So, the whole experience sounds really hot.  And, of course, there are different styles of submissives for different styles of dominants.  But, okay, I like it when I get lots of response.  If I tied up a guy and he wasn’t hard, wasn’t smiling, wasn’t giving any response… I’d probably untie him pretty quick, because what fun is that?

I can see why a guy wouldn’t want to get hard too easily with a stranger, since it might seem creepy.  Maybe I’m weird, but if I’m attracted to a guy, I’m flattered when he gets a hard on.

She pulled my shirt up over my shoulders exposing my back. I felt her hands run over my skin then felt a sharp punch to my back followed by a few slaps. With every punch I fought the urge to thank her for the attention.

I think he should have just thanked her.  Okay, well, Tom and I actually had to work that out.  Every time I hit him, he’d say, “Thank you, mistress!” which sometimes interrupted the flow.  So I told him to knock it off and just thank me on the particularly juicy ones.  I love it when he sort of gasps it out in this really-turned-on-and-in-pain way.  But yeah: thank you == hot.


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