Posted by: check868 | October 14, 2008


Yesterday, Tom and I went to DeMask.  It went like this:

“Oh my God, this place is awesome.”

“Look at this, it’s so hot!”

We look at the tag.  Our eyeballs pop out of our head like cartoon characters and we both feel poor and depressed.  $200 for latex stockings?  $400 for a rubber bodice?  $1000 for a dress?  For me, “expensive” clothing is $50.

I kept thinking, “If I was doing sex work, I could afford this.  Or just have someone buy it for me.”  It’s very frustrating.  I don’t know how anyone who doesn’t do sex work affords it.

I’ve been reading a lot of Axe’s blog lately, and he talks a lot about dominant women requiring men to be sugar daddies.  I don’t (Tom certainly isn’t), but I can understand why women do.  There is just so much demand for dominant women.  When there is a choice between a hundred guys, and half of them can buy you anything that you want, well, it’s not fair to the other fifty, but it’s also really tempting.  And it’s not like all fifty well-off guys are creepy old farts.  And yes, the numbers really are like that.  I feel really bad for  submissive guys.


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