Posted by: check868 | August 18, 2008


In my never-ending mission to have 0 readers, I figured I’d totally abandon my blog for a couple weeks.  However, I think I need to make some changes here.

When I started this blog, I assumed I’d be doing sex work for a couple of years so I could live the cushy life while young and able to drink gallons without getting hangovers.  And it was all going like gangbusters, until I met the love of my life after a month and a half.  Which is pretty awesome, but I’m not sure how I feel or he feels about me doing sex work while we’re together.  I brought it up once, that I kind of missed having all this money to throw around, and he said that if it made me happy, he was okay with me doing dominatrix stuff.  So long as it wasn’t “rubbed in his face,” from which I got the subtle hint that he’d rather I not.  So… I guess I should change the title and tagline but… I live in hope that Tom will develop a cuckold fetish.  Well, not really.  Well, maybe a little.

Anyway, I finally got my catsuit!  Tom helped me slide it on and couldn’t stop touching me.  I pulled out his latex opera-length gloves.  “I want to mummify you so that there’s no skin touching skin,” I told him, and handed him the gloves.  He looked like a kid on Christmas.

“Thank you, mistress!  Could you please wait a second, mistress?”

“Um, okay.”

He turned 45 degrees, looked upwards and said, “Thank you!  Whatever I did right, thank you!”  Then he turned back to me and said, “Okay, I’m good to go.”



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