Posted by: check868 | July 31, 2008

“I’m tied up that weekend…”

I tied up Tom for all of last weekend.  Well, nearly all.  (I mean, I’m not going to wipe his butt for him.)  It was an awesome weekend.  

On Saturday, he was tied up an we were watching Heros.  During the intro, we were making out and we separated and I looked at him and felt, for the first time, I love him.  I didn’t want to tell him while we were watching Heros, though, because how dumb is that?

On Sunday, when we woke up, I hooked the ropes that were tying his hands together over the door and started flogging him.  I started out with a soft suede flogger that doesn’t hurt no matter how hard I hit him, and once he was “warmed up” I switched to a heavier leather one.  He loved it.  Once his butt was all rosy, I stood behind him and started doing a figure-eight pattern across his shoulders.  

He didn’t seem to be enjoying that one at all, and he suddenly said “I think I’m going to cry…”

I quickly undid his hands and we sat on the bed and hugged.  It turns out having his shoulders flogged, for some reason, upsets him a lot.  I was curious as to why, but he didn’t seem to know or want to figure it out, so I just held him close and told him it was okay and he was wonderful.  

I very gently kissed his forehead and cheeks in a way that has a lot of positive emotional impact (I’ve found).  When I began to very gently kiss his eyelids, he was like, “Now I’m crying happy tears!”

When he said that, I realized that now would be the perfect time to tell him how I felt.  I slowly kissed my way to his ear and hovered there for about thirty seconds.  I was nervous to say it, I kept opening my lips to start and then closing them.  Finally I whispered, “I love you,” in his ear.  He gasped and hugged me hard.

We hugged and kissed and just lay there nestling each other for about an hour.  Then I tied him back up and went on with our weekend!


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