Posted by: check868 | July 20, 2008

Sunday night epiphany

Sometimes, when Tom and I are playing and I’m doing something freaky to him, I’ll think Holy shit, I can’t believe he’s into that. And then I’ll think, Holy shit, I can’t believe he’s into that, because I’m into that, too!

It’s so weird to think that I’m such a freak, because to me, of course, it’s all perfectly normal when I’m doing it or thinking about it. Oddly, the exact same kinks on other people don’t seem normal, because obviously society frowns on that stuff. Strange.

I always thought that I had no fantasies. I was wrong, I just didn’t let myself have fantasies about things that would actually turn me on. Like being dressed in a latex catsuit with a six foot bullwhip and beating the shit out of a naked guy who is dangling from the wrists on my wall. Mmmm. Do “normal” people actually fantasize about, “We both get naked… he climbs on top of me… and we make sweet, sweet love”? Yawn.

Anyways, I figured I’d titillate (or freak the fuck out) my readers with a couple fantasies:

  • Latex catsuit plus any activity on earth. I don’t care. Freakin paying bills. Vigilantism would be best, though.
  • Having a guy trying to lick my boots while I kick him in the face.
  • I saw this hot scene at TESfest where this guy was sitting down and had his sub sitting in front of him, facing away so his arm was wrapped around her stomach holding her in place. And he was caning her, and it was so intimate, he could snuggle up next to her ear and whisper things while he made these welts on her inner thighs with the cane.  Edit: I actually did this with Tom this weekend.  As expected, it was hot.  And he has some nice bruises now, too.
  • Training a slave. I played this as a game a lot as a kid, actually.
  • Wrapping someone up in latex as a footstool, like the House of Gord people do, and leaving them there all day. 
  • Slamming someone against a wall over and over again. And then holding them by the neck against the wall and making out with them.
Um, I have to go… do some stuff…

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