Posted by: check868 | July 17, 2008

Shot at 2008-07-16

Oops, I’m getting behind here on the M/W/F cartoon posting schedule.  It’s annoying, because I actually had this week’s cartoons ready to go, I just wasn’t home the last couple of days.  However, I just realized that WordPress has a “publish in the future” feature, so hopefully I can just set up my weekly cartoons over the weekend and WordPress will spit them out at the right times from now on.

Part of an AIM conversation with Tom:

(Context: I threatened to punish him for not telling me something, and in exchange for him telling me, I told him what I would have done to him as punishment.)

check868: ok, well, since you would need to learn to talk more, i’d hold your mouth open with one of those dental gags [a scary example for the vanillas] and then have you pronouce various words and electrocute you when you fucked up

TomAtWork: …

TomAtWork: What are you doing next tuesday?

check868: I dunno, nothing, I think.

TomAtWork: Great. Will you marry me?

TomAtWork: 😉



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