Posted by: check868 | July 10, 2008

Catching up…

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Shot at 2008-06-30

Most of TESfest was classes: all day there where classes on technical aspects of BDSM. One that Tom and I were really looking forward to was suspension bondage. Suspension bondage is where you hoist the bound person in the air by means of pulleys and such. It’s not a good idea if you don’t know what you’re doing, because if you accidentally put too much of the trussed up person’s weight on one area, they could lose a limb or something unfun like that. So I was eager to learn how to do it properly, because I like Tom having all of his limbs.

The teacher had a volunteer, who was one of those “off” older guys. It’s not like there’s anything you can put you’re finger on, they’re just not quite right. Anyway, she hogtied him (hands to feet behind the back), which is quite a physically strenuous position. She then started hoisting him up, and someone in the audience was like, “Hey, he’s got a bloody nose!” There was blood all over the table on which she had tied him. She immediately got him down and untied him. He insisted that he was fine, but he was shaking like he was in shock. Luckily, there was a doctor in the audience. Unfortunately, what with the blood and trauma and all, the class was cancelled after about 15 minutes, so I never did learn proper suspension bondage.

The next day we went to a class on predicament bondage… and they used the same guy as a demo submissive! Tom and I were sitting at the edge of our chairs like we were watching someone walking through a minefield. Who didn’t know they were in one. It wasn’t really our place to tell the instructor, but… aughh! Luckily, nothing happened.

Still, stupid man! What the hell? We were talking to someone who knew everyone, and he was saying the guy has had health problems for years. Why volunteer for every class if it’s going to ruin the class and nearly kill you?! I don’t care if it turns you on, stop being a selfish, idiot bastard!


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