Posted by: check868 | July 7, 2008

Best. Weekend. Ever.

Shot at 2008-06-30

So, this weekend was TESfest, NYC’s BDSM club’s festival of kink. They booked an entire hotel for the long weekend and us perverts swarmed in. Tom and I were both fetish models for the fashion show, so we came in early on July 4th and spent all afternoon getting hair, makeup, and clothes done. It was boring, although the outfits were awesome. “Backstage” was about 30 square feet with 40 models squashed in. Tom and I were standing in the back, dying of the heat in layers of PVC. My legs were killing me from the high-heel boots I was wearing and I was grouchy. I was complaining about everything, from the size of the backstage to how much time the MC was wasting to the fact that I couldn’t even kiss Tom with all this makeup on.

He sympathized, hugged me close, and whispered in my ear, “I love you.”

I stood there for a moment, stunned.

“Damn it, now I really want to kiss you!” I said.

We both laughed and I hugged him tight. Once we had gotten of the stage, we smeared our makeup all over our faces.

On Saturday, we got a bottle of champagne and sat in the bathtub in our hotel room, sipping champagne. I can see why it’s such a common romantic image, it’s a lot of fun. You’re naked, there’s alcohol, and it’s all very luxurious. After I had played with him a bit in private, we went to the play party and I tied him down completely to this awesome bondage table. It had hooks in the shape of a human outline on it, so you could lay someone down and just lace them in. Once he was all tied up, I started slapping him and pressing on sensitive spots (overlapping muscles and nerves) while we talked about mushy stuff (“You’re so wonderful!”, “No, you’re so wonderful!”) and made out.

Today, we were sitting in the hotel’s courtyard with some people trying out a TENs unit. This is a little walkie-talkie looking thing that is for “electrical stimulation.” Apparently it doesn’t feel like shocking, from what I’ve read. You attach a could of pads to your skin in strategic places, hook wires between the walkie-talkie thing and the pads, and then change the intensity and frequency of the electricity flowing through your body. Anyway, this guy had two girls hooked up, both moaning their heads off. One was sitting at the table, literally thrusting and nothing. When they had both come, Tom and I stood up at the exact same time. “We need to get one of those,” I said, as we made a beeline for the vendors. “Uh huh,” he agreed. So, I bought one, and we haven’t tried it yet but I can’t wait.


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