Posted by: check868 | June 9, 2008

Random stuff

“You have lots of rope.  I value that in a woman.” -Tom

A conversation I had with a client:

C: Mmm, you taste so good.

Me: Really?  What do I taste like?

C: Hmm… crème brulé.

I doubt it, but cool.

Finally, today I was digging around in my closet and I came across a pair of dominatrix boots I had bought five years ago (I didn’t think of them that way then, but I don’t know what the hell I justified them as).  Obviously, they were unsuitable to wear on every occasion, so they were gradually buried in my closet.  But now I’ve got shiny, knee-high, 4-inch-heel, pointy-toe boots to wear when my catsuit is done, which is awesome.


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