Posted by: check868 | June 4, 2008

Mini Vacation and Random Trivia

I’ve been being a terrible businesswoman, and completely ignoring all my clients this week. I have these emails and messages that are like, “Are you just busy, or are you ignoring me?”

Which I ignore.

I am busy. My 9-5 is taking more time and energy than usual and in my free time, all I want to do is (lovingly) torture Tom. I’m hoping these guys won’t take it too personally when I get back to them in a couple weeks like, “Hey, want to hang out now?”

Anyway, some random snippets, since I don’t have any scandalous stories this time around:

A description: I’m pretty. I don’t look like a model, but my face has no flaws and it is traditionally attractive. My hair is long and very beautiful. I’m a 34C and my BMI is 21.5 (which I don’t usually know, but I just tried WiiFit). I am very striking looking. A little while ago, I was introduced to a guy at a party who said, “I remember you! I saw you riding the subway last summer.” I had had an internship downtown about 8 months previously. I had ridden the subway a couple dozen blocks, during rush hour, for two months, and he remembered me.

A rave: Maybe most guys hiring women in NY are awesome, but I meet the greatest guys. It’s been an unexpected perk to learn about all these different people’s lives. I feel like I’m surrounded by people who are very oral and giving, think I’m gorgeous, and are good lovers in general.

A memory: When I was little, I had a picture book on medieval history. In the section on the black plague, they had a drawing of a line of monks, each one whipping the one in front of him (something about purifying the body through pain). I loved to look at this picture, for reasons that have become clear to me in the last couple of months. I knew that there was something wrong with liking it, that it was somehow sexual, so I always kept a finger on another, more innocuous page. If I heard someone coming, I could quickly flip to that page and pretend to be reading about how squires were trained or whatever.


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