Posted by: check868 | June 3, 2008

Mummy and Me

Saturday night I went out with Tom. He had a really rough week, so I suggested that we make it an early night, head back to my place, and I could mummify him in Saran wrap. I got the idea because he likes bondage, and he had mentioned being interested in sleep sacks (i.e., hideously expensive bags that you zip people up in that are very restrictive). His eyes lit up and he said he’d like that very much.

When we got to my place, he stripped and I wrapped him, neck to knees, as he stood in front of me. Then he sort of plopped onto the bed and I finished binding his legs tightly together. (You can’t really tie someone’s legs tightly together when they’re standing, or they’ll fall over.) He was already really excited, although he couldn’t move much under the plastic wrap.  I dragged my nails all over his body and then I cut a little hole in the wrap over each nipple. I fastened clothespins to the nipples, admired my work, pulled at them, and readjusted them as he wiggled. Then I cut a hole around his fun bits (he stopped wiggling for that) and pulled them through the plastic. I attached clothespins up the underside of his shaft, which I think was rather painful for him. Then I started sucking on him and he made these happy-sounding wimpers and thanked his mistress repeatedly.

I took advantage of his incapacitation to tease him a bit, too.  I took of my pants and strattled his face, not quite letting him lick me. Every time he’d managed to touch me with his tongue I’d jump a little further away until he was half-crazy. Then I sat on his face and sucked him while he licked me. It’s the first time I’ve tried to not come while being eaten out, and it worked well. It felt amazing, but I maintained a certain presence of mind that usually fades away when I’m concentrating on the pleasure.

Then I removed the clothespins and wrapped his cock up in plastic. When he realized that I was going to climb on top of him, he begged me to wrap his face up before we had sex. I was a bit nervous about suffocating him, but I carefully wrapped it around his head and it only took me a second or two to make a nice little air hole for his mouth.

When we were done, I carefully cut up the center, splitting the plastic open like a cocoon. He wanted to get right up, but I ordered him to lie still and I toweled him dry.  He actually had pools of water on him… it’s pretty sweaty business to be wrapped in plastic.  And it didn’t help that I had ejaculated a couple times.  We both went to sleep very happy!

In the morning, we ate cereal and watched cartoons in bed. Then we had some more sex and played Legend of Zelda… sigh. The honeymoon period is wonderful.


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