Posted by: check868 | June 1, 2008

Millions of Sex Toys…

Sex toys for me.  Millions of sex toys!  Sex toys for free.

So, I saw The Producer again on Thursday.  We went to a Broadway show, and I learned loads more trivia about Broadway.

Apparently, it’s “bad luck” to do a show in a theater east of Broadway, so theaters there have much cheaper rent.  Also bad luck: saying Macbeth.  Ever.  Apparently when Shakespeare originally tried to put on the play, the two leads got into a duel and the female lead (played by a man, of course) killed the male lead.  Same thing happened the second time he tried to put it on.

Also, there are 35 theaters on Broadway, 16 of which are owned by one company (that The Producer compared with the mob).

We were waiting for the curtain to go up and an old guy tottered down the aisle, surveyed the theater, and tottered back up.  The Producer nudged me.  “That’s [[some name, I forget]], he runs Lincoln Center.”  Wow.

Afterwards, we went to this nice hotel in Times Square.  The Producer had already checked in, so we just went straight to the suite.  He wanted to order room service, as he wanted to be completely indulgent, but neither of us were very hungry and he already had a couple bottles of wine.  He insisted that we at least have some chips from the minibar.  He also insisted that I drink the incredibly expensive designer water in a tube, instead of tap water (which I would have been perfectly fine with).  But it was cool, I’ve never had water from a tube before.

Then he wanted to do this slow seduction, and peeled off my clothes piece by piece.  We drank tons of wine and he ate me out.  Then he started pulling out vibrators.  He had bought me a couple bullet-like ones, one that got me off in about 10 seconds, the other (that I actually liked better) a silver one mounted in a little jelly pedestal with knobs on the bottom.  The jelly made the vibration subtler and the knobs felt nice.  Then he pulled out a rabbit!  And couldn’t figure out how to turn it off.  He kept accidentally turning it on and then cursing because he couldn’t figure out how to stop it.  He also had brought a dildo, but we didn’t get around to playing with that.  We actually never had intercourse, he just ate me out and used vibrators on me until I basically passed out.

In the morning, he gave me all the sex toys and sent me on my way.  Man was I tired at work!


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