Posted by: check868 | May 21, 2008

Baby needs a new corset

Usually I like to wait a day before writing about stuff, so I have some perspective.  I think this is going to be a busy week, though, so I’ll write as things happen.

Tonight I met a guy at Agent Provocateur.  He was a sub, and he wanted to get me a corset.  Now, what I’d really like is a leather corset, which they don’t sell at Agent Provocateur.  No, scratch that, what I’d really like is a catsuit, which Agent Provocateur also fails to carry.  But hey, free corset?  I’m there.

He was young and cute, and every time I stepped out of the dressing room he’d exclaim how gorgeous I looked.  We both agreed on which corset was hottest.  I got the corset, a new pair of thigh-high fishnets, and a pair of panties.  The only fly in the ointment was that he wanted to play afterwards, and I wanted to go to the TES meeting they had tonight.  We ended up getting a glass of wine together, though, and that was fun.  He told me about his fantasies, and I told him about some of my interests.  I think I did well not scaring him, since he was fairly inexperienced.

Just before we parted, he said, “You look royalty, like some English or Irish queen, with your hair.  It’s so beautiful!”  I liked that.  Especially since it was rainy today and I ran out of conditioner a couple days ago, so my royal hair was frizzing like I stuck a fork in an electrical outlet.

On unrelated topics, I am slightly disturbed by how much I like Tom.  I’m not sure if I’m on the rebound from my previous relationship, or I’m just in this orgasmic haze or what, but jeez… I’ve only known the guy a couple weeks.  But, oh man, Saturday we went out and got back to his place late, where he ate me out twice.  Then he fingered me.  Then we went to sleep.  Then when we woke up in the morning, he ate me out again.  Then we had sex.  You know, writing this all out is making it very clear why I like him so much.  And he’s an awesome guy with clothes on, too.  I shall have to try to keep him around!


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