Posted by: check868 | May 17, 2008

Acquiring a… sub? boyfriend? guy?

Yesterday Tom and I went all the way. On our third date, which I found funny. We’re so traditional like that. We’ve actually had every other type of sex I think you can have (other than him-on-me anal) before this. We did sounds, strap ons, and, of course, oral.

I ejaculated twice, which I don’t usually do and I have never done twice in a row before. He was thrilled and thought it was so cool, since he’s never been with a woman who could squirt before.

He must be hugely strong. After the first time I came, he picked me up and stood up and we fucked with him holding me with my legs wrapped around his waist and his hands on my hips. I was deeply impressed, even if it wasn’t the most fabulous position friction-wise.

I’m thinking he might be a good… something. I’m not really looking for a boyfriend, but I’d like to see more of him. He is fun and more cultured than most people I have known. It is so much fun to discuss literature and Gilbert and Sullivan after having great sex.


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