Posted by: check868 | May 15, 2008


So, I’m kinda drunk. I was planning on writing about this guy I saw yesterday, but I was at this office party today and this guy who knows my boss was talking to me. I told him how I’d been eating street meat (vendor food) all day, and he was like, “Oh yeah, Bill [my boss] was saying how impressed he was that you’ll eat anything. Like, ‘no diet for you.'” Now, I have a total hard on for my boss. And he’s the kind of guy that never says ANYTHING to you. Strong and silent. And fucking brilliant. And fucking married, unfortunately. But still, I’m so psyched that he’s like, “Yeah, Tara’s cool, she’s like a garbage disposal.” Whatever. Him, saying positive stuff to others about me? Makes me wet just thinking about it. So you don’t get to read about me tying up Google guy’s cock, you get to read about my unattainable boss fantasy. Oh man, he’s so hot.


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