Posted by: check868 | May 14, 2008

Gone Convertin’

Well, the ex is gone. I miss him already, but boy is it nice having my apartment to myself again. So, I don’t think I mentioned in my previous post, but the big fight that we had was about BDSM. Specifically, my wanting to try some stuff with him, and him basically saying “Absolutely not, you sick fuck.”

Well, we hung out again on Friday and we ended up talking about it again. We had a long discussion about it and I tried to explain what I wanted in non-frightening terms. I realized during the week that I’ve been reading about this stuff for years and have met a bunch of people into it, which has demystified it a bit for me. When my ex started the conversation by saying “I don’t want to be your man-slave or whatever,” I realized how wrong an impression I had given him. (And I never said I wanted him to be my “man-slave,” for the record.) So, I slowly began to undo the damage I had done.

After we had talked for a while and I had assauged his fears, there was a pause in the conversation. “What the hell,” he said. “I’ll try it.”

I thanked him profusely and got out the rope. I did a simple, comfortable cuff to tie his hands together, sat on his face, and fucked him. I thought he enjoyed it, (I certainly did!) but I wasn’t sure.

The next night, we were making out and he suddenly paused and said, “Could you tie me up again?”



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