Posted by: check868 | May 2, 2008

First Dates

Yesterday I went out to lunch with The Good Boy (TGB, from now on) and had a dinner date with Tom Jones.

I met TGB at a sex shop, where he bought me a single-tail whip. This is the sort of thing that is completely awesome, and completely impossible to use. I’ve already managed to whip myself, hit the ceiling light, make a long black mark across my wall, and hit my light switch. Hitting the light switch was quite alarming, as it wasn’t what I was aiming for and the light suddenly went out, leading me to believe that I had hit the overhead light again and destroyed it. Obviously, I haven’t tried this on another person yet. Not that I’d be able to hit someone, unless I was aiming 10′ away from where they were standing.

After purchasing the whip, TGB and I went to lunch. We didn’t actually play at all, which was fine with me. I got a free lunch, a whip, and $200. TGB was less annoying, too, so lunch was pretty pleasant.

That night, I met Tom for dinner and we made awkward first-date chit-chat. In retrospect, I wish I had overruled his suggestion of a traditional date in favor of just playing/having sex. This was the first date I’ve been on in, oh, years, and I forgot how much they suck. (I had a boyfriend for the last couple years, so I didn’t have to deal with this nonsense.)

Tom ended up staying over at my place. In The Happy Hooker, Xaviera Hollander talks about some of the men she sleeps with as having a “good, strong penis” which I think captures something. Tom has a good, strong penis. (Which is good, considering what I’m planning to do to it… hehe.) And it turns out that he is a switch, but he is very submissive with me. He looked like he was about to come when he knelt down in front of me and I put my foot up, sole against his chest. I’m going to stop there, though. I think it’s a bad idea to describe in graphic detail my sex life with people I’m dating.


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