Posted by: check868 | April 27, 2008

Sunday is for Rest

Just an editorial note: I got my first comment on this blog yesterday. And not just any comment. A comment from Tara, the blogger at! If you scroll back through the archives, you’ll notice that I use Tara as my “real” name, because she is so amazing. So, anyway, feeling a bit like a giddy schoolgirl…

Down to business. I’m not very social, and this meeting and beating of someone every day is driving me nuts. So, yesterday, I saw the last guy I’m going to see for a while. Well, at least for a couple days.

I saw him for practice, and he knew it was for practice. You see, there’s a lot to learn and I especially stink at this whole mindfuck thing. I like beating the crap out of people, and it doesn’t take a whole lot of imagination to piss on them or accept massages. But I can’t do that whole shtick where they walk in and I drop my voice an octave and demand, “Strip, and kneel on the floor.” I’m more like, “Let’s get naked! It’ll be fun!” It’s just who I am, but I’d like to at least be more comfortable with option #1.

So, yesterday: I was flogging this guy and he was yelping. “You’re very good at that,” he panted.

I was pleased. All my practice was paying off. I felt his buttcheeks, though, and was disappointed. “You’re not even warm,” I complained.

“No, it’s hitting me over here,” he explained, turning.

“Oh holy fuck!” He had these purple welts all down his front around his pelvis, surrounded by bright pink. “It was wrapping? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I dunno. It’s okay.”

I felt so bad. Wrapping is where you are standing too close to the person, so when you flog them, the flogger doesn’t just thwack where you’re aiming, but goes too far and wraps around their body. Wrapping is bad. Bad bad bad. There are certain places on your body where it’s okay to be hit hard: your ass, the muscles over your shoulder blades, your chest (for guys), and thighs. Other than that… you have to be very careful not to be hitting bone or vital organ.

I’m practicing with a suede flogger, that is very soft and I didn’t think it could actually even make a mark with it. And hello! He has been doing this for years. It’s not a “real” scene, I was very clear that this was practice and he must give me feedback. And this would have been the perfect thing to give feedback on. A polite, “Mistress, your flogger is hitting me here. I wanted to let you know because I had the impression that you wished it to hit my ass.” That would have been very helpful!

I wacked him a couple more times, explicitly asking him, “Is it wrapping? How about now?” and I found I could stand much further back than I thought.

I then fucked him with my strap on (condom covered, this time), and ended up getting little flecks of poop on my hands. What is up with these guys, don’t they know how to wipe? This guy’s a doctor, too, you think they’d be extra careful. I mean, I know it’s an ass, but In all the dozens of times I’ve had anal sex, I have never seen a poopy condom or gotten crap on my partner’s fingers!

When we were done, my eyes kept being drawn to those marks and I asked him if I could please take a picture, not showing his face, and he agreed. So, as an example of what NOT to do, I present:

Free Image Hosting at


Anyway, I’m so tired of hanging out with people. I’m just going to spend today relaxing and enjoying being alone.


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