Posted by: check868 | April 20, 2008

My First Flogging

I went to Paddles again last night. I went by myself, which took some courage. There was a switch party for women in the back room, so I made a beeline for that when I came in. Almost blocking the doorway as I walked in, a handsome androgynous lesbian was kicking the shit out of a second handsome androgynous lesbian, who was lying on the floor. She was literally kicking her, rolling her roughly around, punching her… it was really, really hot.

The androgynous lesbians and the other interesting people left the party soon, so I went out into the main club. I wandered around, dodged a couple conversations with pushy male doms, and ended up on the balcony, just sort of hanging out and watching the scene.

A young lady with a perfect body arrived with a man old enough to be her grandfather. She sat down next to me and stretched out her legs, and he started kissing her feet. I wished I had put up a Craigslist ad so that I could have had someone to kiss my feet, too.

Another couple that knew her came over, and we all sort of started talking. The dominatrix pulled me aside and whispered, “domme or sub?” I told her I was a domme, and she asked if I would like to spank her slave. We both spanked him, and she showed me how to make a big noise and where to hit. She pulled a flogger out of her toy bag and let me use that, too! It was my first time, and there were a dozen people standing around watching us (we were by far the hottest girls in the club). Please don’t fuck up, I thought to myself as I swung the heavy flogger. Whap! It might not have been the most graceful hit ever, but it was a hit. It didn’t kill him, and as far as I could tell, I didn’t look completely ridiculous. The dominatrix and I passed the flogger back and forth, her hitting him with solid thwacks that jarred him, me not even trying to match that level of intensity, just getting the feel of it.

“What has been your favorite activity, so far?” she asked me, again in a confidential whisper. I told her about my last time at Paddles, with ones guy in front of me and one guy behind. She looked sort of awkward. As I got to know her better as the night went on, I realized that she was actually pretty uptight about sex. When she found out that I read Mistress Matisse’s blog, she said, “Oh yes, my life is like hers… except I wasn’t an escort.” She was very concerned with everyone knowing that she had never, never had sex for money. It’s funny that a sex worker could be uptight about sex! She was very nice and a liked her a lot, but she was quite a JAP.

She went flouncing off with another man at one point, returning a few minutes later with a plastic beer cup. “Guess what’s in here?” she said to me, giggling. At first I didn’t get it, and then I started laughing. We watched the guy drink her piss and then she offered me the cup. I hadn’t gone in a long time and my pee was strong. I felt kind of bad for the guy, but I told him he had to gulp it down in one, which he did. It’s probably not about the taste, anyway. Hopefully.

And tonight is the Pimps and Hos party! I don’t even need to dress up, technically. However, I now have something of an inferiority complex about the quality of my wardrobe. In the charming way that ladies have of destroying egos, the dominatrix said, “My, you need to get some fetishy clothes, don’t you!?” Alright, so I wasn’t dressed to the nines, but some of the guys there weren’t dressed up at all. And hey, I’d love to get a leather corset and knee-high spike-heeled boots, but I really don’t have the budget.


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