Posted by: check868 | April 11, 2008

Lingerie Lenny

I have been seeing this guy Lenny couple of times now. Every week, he emails me to see if I want to meet up. I send him a description of lingerie I’d like, usually about $250 worth. When we meet up, he presents me with this exquisite lingerie and I strip out of my clothes. He always looks nervous and never touches me at this point. I put on the bra he got me and model it for him. Then he strips out of his clothes and plays with my breasts. He always reminds me doesn’t want to have sex, because “that would be cheating” on his wife, who he paranoidly afraid of. He originally wanted to meet me at lingerie stores, and the first time we met that’s what we did, but now he’s afraid that “someone might see” me with him. I guess his wife has spies everywhere. I don’t want to have sex with him, either, but merely because I’m not going to have sex with someone for a piece of clothing.

This last time, we sat on my bed and gave him a back massage for a bit. Then he turned over, all excited, and I rubbed my pussy lips against his cock. He made me stop, since he was about to come. Fine with me, I needed to get back to work. However, he wanted some dirty talk. I knew he wasn’t into this kind of stuff, but I told him about going to the BDSM club. I just kind of wanted to see his reaction. He was excited by it, and said he was open minded, and wouldn’t mind kissing my feet if I wanted him to. He then asked if I ever used toys. I told him I had a vibrator, a dildo, and a strapon (I actually have a bit more than that, but I didn’t want to catalogue the stuff, since he seems to like how “innocent” I am).

I got out the dildo and he started fucking me with it, badly. It was too small to hurt, but he thought that the way to fuck was to ram it as far in as possible, pull it back a half an inch, and ram again. Next time I’m teaching this guy how to be a lesbian. His wife should thank me! I come very easily from penetration, even done badly, so in a minute or two I was moaning and writhing. He was sitting between my legs and I was laying down, and I was sure he was the kind of guy who would like coming on a girl. When I was about to come, I moaned, “Oh, I’m going to come… come on me!” So he began to wildly beat off with one hand as he fucked me with the other, and I came and he came all over my stomach and chest. He looked dazed. “Oh my God,” he said. “That was so hot!” he breathed. Another satisfied customer! I just wish he was willing to meet in the evening so that I didn’t have to disappear for a couple hours in the middle of the day at work.

He enjoyed this time so much that I asked him for a $650 lace kimono for next time. I have been dreaming of laying around in that kimono since I first saw it in Agent Provocateur, but $650?! It is the epitome of luxury to me.


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