Posted by: check868 | March 29, 2008


Today, Giovanni called around 12:30 to confirm that we were meeting at 2pm.

“Um, can I come a little early?” he asks.

“Sure!” I say, brightly.

I leave work at 1:20 and hustle home. When I get there, I quickly take off the boring bra I was wearing and put on something red and amazing from Agent Provocateur. And the phone rings.

“Hi, I’m downstairs.”

Shit! Keep in mind, I’m wearing sneakers, underwear that I wore to my ob-gyn appointment this morning, no makeup, and I haven’t brushed my teeth. I kick off my sneakers, pull on my high heels, and he’s at the door. The breath, face, and the underwear I’m just going to have to wing.

I throw open the door and smile brightly as I inwardly have a heart attack from nervousness.

“Hi, I’m Giovanni,” he says. He’s probably in his mid-thirties, short, a little soft around the edges, but not fat. Not really my type, but not unattractive.

“Hi, I’m Tara!” I say, completely forgetting to use my escort name, Jessica. Damn. “Uh, come in!” I awkwardly reached for the dimmer switch on the light, then realized that was dumb and stopped. “Uh, would you like a, uh, drink, or, uh, something?”

“No, thank you,” he says.

Somehow, we make it to the bedroom. I am dismayed at my total lack of grace. He turns to me and pulls out an envelope. “$500 per hour?” he asks.

“Uh, yes.” I say.

“Can I stay longer? Two hours, or two times?”

Two times? Shit, he’s a vice cop. “Um, you can’t buy sex.”

“Then what am I paying for?”

“You can pay for my time.”

He looks confused. “Okay, then I guess I’ll just start out with an hour.” What a hustler I am. “Should I get undressed?” he asks.

“Sure,” I say, and sit down on the bed. Then it occurs to me maybe I should help him get undressed. He can’t be a cop, he has his pants off. So I pop up again like I sat on a porcupine but he doesn’t really need help. More awkwardness. So I start getting undressed and we make small talk.

When we’re both naked, we slide into bed and start kissing. My nervousness melts away: he’s not a cop, and here I know what I’m doing. We made out for a while and I tried to kiss him without breathing out (I had no idea how my breath smelled). I slid down his neck and torso and started sucking his dick. “Ah! Ah!” he says, and stops me. “I come quickly, it’s too much. Here, lie back.” So I lie back and he starts sucking on my nipples and works his way down, kissing my thighs and then he starts eating me out. And damn is he good! He licks and flicks and sucks and circles my clit with his tongue, and I moan and twitch. The thought drifts across my nearly empty mind, “I’m getting paid $500 an hour for this!!!” and I come. And he just keeps going.

Then we fucked, and we both came very quickly. He lay back and we chatted a while. We eventually started talking about significant others, and I told him that I had been in a relationship for a while and now I just wanted to “play the field” as I put it. “I think my hard-on’s coming back,” he said.

He starting rubbing me, and ended up giving me a back massage, then kissing my back. I started sucking him again, because I love sucking cock, but he stopped me and asked me if I had any fantasies or dreams I’d like to act out. I’m wondering if I just suck and blow jobs, but I guess I’ll be getting some practice now, regardless. I told him that it wasn’t very interesting, but that I liked doing it doggy style. Obviously he is pretty vanilla, because he sort of lit up and said, oh yes, it was very interesting. So, he put on another condom and we went at it. We both came pretty quickly again.

He started getting dressed. I hung out in my bra and pants and kissed him goodbye. He handed me a second envelope. When he left, I opened the envelopes. Have you ever held $1000, 50 $20’s, in your hands? I almost came again. I was smiling all the way back to work.

Throughout, he kept saying how beautiful I was, and how beautiful my hair was. I told him that he was my first client, and I think that made him happy and explained my nerve-caused retardation at the beginning.

This is the best profession ever, so far. If I could do this every day, I would be a very happy lady.

As a final note, in the last month, my numbers have doubled! I have had sex with four people so far: two long-term boyfriends, one drunk fuck a couple weeks ago (that I regret, unfortunately), and Giovanni. One of the long-term boyfriends was a really bad experience, so we’ve got good/bad sex evenly matched. Hopefully “good” will pull ahead next week, dragging my bank account along with it. $1000!


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