Posted by: check868 | March 26, 2008

Finding clients

I have my first appointment set up for Thursday! The first email I got in response to my ad was from an Italian guy, I’ll call him Giovanni. He gave his full name and he emailed me from his work account, so I figured out where he worked (a hotel). I’m kind of paranoid about getting arrested, so I wanted to make sure that he actually worked there. I called up the front desk and asked to be connected. The patched me through and I hung up. After nervously going back and forth on it for about 24 hours (what if I get arrested? Oh man, so much money! Arrested? Sex! For money! I COULD BE PUT IN JAIL! AND FIRED! AND EVICTED!), I called him. We set up an appointment for Thursday.

I think every guy that emails me is a cop, probably because I can’t believe anyone would really spend $500 to have sex with me. I just have never valued my own physical attractiveness that much, or even contemplated the monetary value of it.

There’s also this guy that has called me something like 11 times today. I answered once and we made tentative plans to meet on Friday. He was really normal over the phone. At the end he asked if I gave a GFE. I wasn’t sure how to respond. I felt like, “Duh, I’m going to be nice to you. You’re not paying $500 to have me be a bitch for an hour.” But, I think I’m going to cancel the tentative plans. He seems like… well, a stalker. Maybe he’s just enthusiastic, but I probably shouldn’t risk it. All the sex workers I’ve read things by say to trust your gut. And my gut isn’t saying “dangerous,” but it is saying “annoying.”

I just got an email from a guy:

Hi Tara,
We are actually the same age and I am an attractive guy…I am just looking for something with no strings attached that will allow me flexibility.
I was hoping that you could quote me a price based on this situation…I promise it would not be an unpleasant thing…
Let me know..

Yes John, it is obvious you are around my age, because otherwise you wouldn’t be such an idiot. My time is $500 and hour, and I know it won’t be unpleasant because I won’t make an appointment with anyone who seems unpleasant. For instance, Giovanni thanked me for getting back to him, was polite and discreet, and didn’t argue about my fee. He will shortly be seeing me. You, my friend, will not be.


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